The Importance of Breakfast

The Importance of Breakfast

Breakfast as agreed by scientist all over the world, is the most important meal of the day. How much should we take exactly?  Well, scientist have unanimously estimate this value to be 15 – 25% of daily energy. A typical calories intake for men should range from 375- 625 calories while a woman usually require a lesser calories intake of  300 to 500 calories.

Side effects of not having breakfast 

  • After a long period of time not having your breakfast, chances of getting  a coronary heart disease may just increase to 27%.
  • Cognitive damage will start to surface. This is especially seen in growing kids
  • Your blood sugar drops, leaving you hungry and angry
  • Body metabolic rate reduces
  • Unwanted Migrains due to low sugar level

Coffee for breakfast?

If we were to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, we will tend to be more alert. An experiment conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health actually proven this theory to be right (and I always thought it was just a myth). There is also a large correlation between caffeinated coffee and suicidal rate. Having more cups of coffee a day halved the suicidal rate. Moderate consumption of caffeine has also mild anti-depressant effect. As positive as it may sound, do not consume coffee with an empty stomach as these may damage our stomach linings.

What does the experts have to say? 

We need to have a substantial amount of well balanced breakfast, one that delivers its energy slowly over the course of the morning.  Intake of proteins and healthy fats are crucial as it gives us the energy required for the day. Unknowingly, skipping breakfast not only results in the deterioration of our health but also causes mood swing. Who wants to interact with a cranky monster early in the morning? Start your day right today. More Positive. More Healthy. Less Negativity!