Top 5 laksas that every Singaporeans ought to know

Top 5 laksas that every Singaporeans ought to know

Laksas are spicy noodle soup adopted in peranakan cuisines. This coconut soup base may look abit similar to a bowl of curry yet their taste are nothing like them. Singapore being a multi-diversified country has cuisines from all over the world. We are expose to various laksas from young. Are you able to name 5 different laksas at the top of your head? Well worry not, let us refresh your laksa memory.

Penang Laksa

Penang laksa or sometimes known as asam laksa, has a sour and spicy broth. It is usually served with mackeral making this laksa soup base sweet. Lemongrass, galangal, and chilli are added to create a defining flavour. It is served with thick rice noodles and fresh condiments such as sliced cucumbers, onions, mint, pineapples, strong and sweet prawn paste, and ginger flower. There are quite few penang laksas around but for a true authentic experience, we still recommend you to try them in Penang (at least once). It is one of the most popular dishes to try in Penang.

Katong Laksa

Katong laksa is derived by a strait chinese who live in the vicinity of Katong in Singapore. This laksa has a spicy stock that takes the colour of a flame. Flavoured with coconut milk and dried shrimp, and topped with ingredients like cockles, prawns and fishcake this dish is a top favourite in Singapore. Unlike the other laksa this laksa has its thick bee hoon cut up so that the entire laksa can be eaten with just the spoon. The most iconic laksa in Singapore. If this is not in your laksa list, where have you been this whole while?

Sarawak Laksa

A popular breakfast in Sarawak. Unlike all laksas this laksa has a broth that is less thick. However, that don’t discount it from being a savory laksa. Some key ingredient of the broth includes sambal belacan chilli, coconut milk, sour tamarind, garlic, galangal, and lemongrass. The Sarawak laksa, is served with thinner bee hoon (vermicelli) as compared to thick bee hoon which is quite unusual comparing to the rest of the laksas. The fresh toppings in Sarawak laksa may just keep you pumped up for more. Shredded chicken, beansprouts, egg omelette & fresh big prawns. That is also why some Sarawakians called it the “the breakfast of the gods”.


Nonya Laksa


Nonya laksa has a rich coconut soup base. This laksa soup base is a reduction of chicken bones and shrimp stock. This is also what makes this laksa from melaka, sweet and rich. Similar to the Katong Laksa, every strand of thick bee hoon are cut up into pieces. With the use of a spoon, you will be able to conquer the entire laksa, leaving your tummy satisfied.

That it folks, try these laksas today. I hope this widens your laksa vocabulary. If there is any laksa that you think that we might have missed, let us know in the comments below.