Cookies & Biscuits that only 90s kids will remember

Before we take a trip down our memory lane. Lets first make sure that we are on the same page.
Biscuits are baked snacks which are much harder than cookies. The ones that gives off a “pak!” sound when you break them in two. While cookies are much softer and squishier biscuits. Well like cookie monsters, we love both of them. But can we differentiate cookies from biscuits? Below are some of our old time favourite snacks.


Back in the days, When we were kids, life was carefree. We were constantly snacking and hanging out with friends. It’s sad to see how our favourite cookies and biscuits change with time. They use to be the classic snacks that 80-90s kid would die for. Below are our favourite snacks back when we were young. Are these biscuits or cookies? You tell me!


Biscuit or Cookies? Well biscuit of course. Does this biscuits have a name? Well apparently it is called the Gem biscuits (Just learn this term)  This biscuits has sugary colourful icing on top. You can still see these biscuits in older shops. Sheng Shiong and Mustaffa do sell them as well. However these days, with the wide variety of biscuits, these biscuits are more often seen on altars than on kid’s snack list. Kids these days may not enjoy these simple biscuit like how we use to.


Biscuits or Cookies? Cookies Definitely. Monde Cookies! Back in the days, this was one of the premium snacks. Most mothers and grandmothers love the cookie tin so much that they would use it as a storage kit. Seeing these tins appearing in our home gives me a bittersweet feeling. Back when I was a kid, this was a horrid joke. On one hand, we hope that it contains danish butter cookies but on the other hand we know that it is unlike our parents to be splurging on premium snacks. Does it contain cookies?! Until today, this question still remains a mystery. Mind boggling!


Biscuits or Cookies? What do you think? It is called Biscuit Piring. Biscuits!  These colorful flat biscuits may be all that we could afford after a match of soccer.  The different colours represents different flavours. (which to me, they tasted the same.) This biscuits softens rapidly upon saliva contact. It has a slightly sweet aftertaste. A simple snack from our childhood. The only uncomfortable experience with these biscuits is that they tend to stick to our upper palate of our mouth. They still appear in some of the provisions shops but it is quite rare to find them these days.


Biscuits or Cookies? Biscuits. 旺仔小馒头 (Wang Zai Xiao Man Tou). 旺旺 was the company that use to distribute these biscuits before many copy cats came into the snack scene,  These milky bolus bites are especially popular with babies that are teething. They are the snacks that we packed for our recess when we were in primary school. Unlike the danish butter cookies, these are not the premium snacks neither are they cheap snacks (like our biscuit piring). They are average priced  snacks that taste milky-licious!

Biscuits or Cookies? Biscuits. These use to be the cheaper version of pocky. Don’t get me wrong, they are cheaper and yet they taste great. These biscuit sticks are not coated with a layer of strawberry or chocolate but their original taste is enough to keep you coming back for more. Well, it is savory and has a sweet after taste. Definitely one of the affordable canteen snacks available back then.


Biscuits or Cookies? Biscuits. Pocky use to be available in strawberry and chocolate only. These are the snacks that stood the test of time. They are still available these days. However, they may have done some changes to the recipe (in my opinion). The packaging is also different these days. Do you still remember the iconic old packaging? It may be a simple coating of strawberry or chocolate on a biscuit stick but the combination is perfect. For all the pocky lovers out there, I am sure that you will agree with me that the old version tasted better (especially for the strawberry flavoured pocky). No? Well, that’s fine. Taste is subjective.

There you have it, our trip back in time with our favourite snacks. Did we miss out any snacks? I am sure we did. Leave your comments below and let us know what are some of your favourite snacks that we might have missed. The lucky winner will receive a 10% off of Alphabees products. Hurry!