Fourway Borneo Prawn Keropok 60g


Fourway Borneo Prawn Keropok 60g


What is in the box?

  • 1 x packets of Borneo Prawn Keropoks.

What is this product about?

As similar as the name may sound, Borneo Keropoks are not your usual Keropoks. They are titbits that has the extra crunch and texture in every bite. If you are expecting a typical prawn keropoks from Malaysia, this product may disappoint you. The taste and texture of these addictive Borneo prawn keropoks will keep you hooked.

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Lee Fah Mee has a long history of 40 over years. They have been creating instant noodle that has satisfied the taste buds of many Sarawakians. They are deemed the number #1 instant noodle brand in Sarawak. Prior to instant noodles, under Lee Fah Mee, they have an affiliated company called “Fourway” that caters to tasty titbits and snacks.


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