Koolmex Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Sticker


Koolmex Anti-Radiation Mobile Phone Sticker


Alphabees have work together with Koolmex to bring in a a mobile sticker that blocks of radiation generated from your phone and it has the ability to cool down your phone. It creates resonance frequency so as to reduce the deposited ion in the Lithium ion battery extending its shelf life. For techno savy geeks out there, this is a product worth investing. Be a pioneer of our product, try it today!

1. Deep Radiation Shield
2. Cools Down You Phone
3. Longer Battery Shelf Life

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Alphabees also collaborates with Koolmex and brought in technology that are beneficial to our daily lives. Phones have unknowingly becomes apart of our lives. However the series of news about exploding phones cause by unstable battery has cause a concern. Fortunately, a technology to curb and improve battery performance are developed. Like all consumers, Alphabees are curious about this technology. We have tested it on our phones and as shown in the results, they work wonders.


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